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Leon Speakers features Mozaic AV for their Dealer Spotlight

Mozaic AV was honored to be selected for Leon's Dealer Spotlight. The article is listed in full below along with a question and answer session with Leon's Senior Sales Development Manager Camila Ballario

We have Leon dealers all over the world and our ‘Dealer Spotlight’ series takes a closer look at some of the companies who sell our products to give insight into the Leon products they love and why they enjoy doing business with us. This month we spoke with Michael Johnson, CEO of Mozaic Audio Video Integration in Madison, Alabama.

Q: Tell us a little bit about Mozaic: How long have you been in business? What type of projects do you typically take on? A: Although I have been in this market for 14 years, Mozaic is relatively new, launching in 2014. We are split between the Residential and Commercial markets with about 70% of our business coming from Residential projects and 30% from Commercial.

This isn’t just lip service either, but before launching Mozaic, I had always been inspired by the culture that Leon developed and how you infused art and design with technology. My background is in art and graphic design and I wanted to apply those things to our field. While I lovingly refer to myself and our technicians as “AV nerds”, I’ve sought out and hired installation techs with skills outside the typical AV installer. My current team consists of designers, musicians, craftsmen, artists, and etc. Our design office is modeled after an art museum with a different feel than most audio video showrooms. The electronics are displayed with a modern, “less is more”, approach and are highlighted as “art”. Even our employees get involved as each employee has an art project or feature on display somewhere in the space. I think this is an important piece of what sets us apart from a typical AV firm as we have a unique vision with a laser focus on design.

Q: How long have you been a Leon dealer for? A: We have been a Leon Dealer since our inception in 2014, but I have supported the line all the way back to my early days in the industry 16 years ago.

Horizon Series soundbar

Q: What do you and/or your clients like most about our products? A: The options that you offer. Leon gives us the freedom to truly offer custom designed solutions for our clients. Whether that be with stealthy and seamless approaches such as the Horizon soundbars, or with statement pieces like the Edge Media Frame. We are able to offer AV solutions that can blend into the background and virtually disappear—or by selecting custom finishes, can integrate into a design aesthetic or even stand out and be conversation pieces. We love that range of flexibility.

Custom TV Enclosure and Vintage SoundBar

Q: What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on with us? A: The overhaul of the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. After seeing the documentary on Netflix about how many amazing artists ranging from the Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, The Black Keys, Cher, George Michael and so many more (not the mention Mr. Leon Russell himself), recorded some of the greatest hits of all time in this tiny studio in Alabama, Dr. Dre was inspired to bring the studio back to its former glory.

By way of a grant from the Beats By Dre Foundation, the studio was overhauled and they opened it up for tours as well as private recording sessions. They located many of the original pieces and instruments that were used and brought them back to the fold, but when it came to the distributed sound system they wanted to upgrade it, but at the same time it had to look period correct.

The studio is not what you would call “fancy”. It has a very grimy, 70’s look and vibe to it and our technology had to match. There was no better partner than Leon for this project. Working closely with the Leon team, we were able to deliver a custom wall-mounted display that looked right at home in the space, as well as custom designed, wall-mounted speakers for the hidden bar under the stairs that closely mimicked what was there originally. We were able to deliver a fantastic sound and video presentation without taking the tour visitors out of the moment with glaring modern technology.

Q: With endless off-the-shelf products on the market, how do you convince your clients of the value of custom audio? A: We talk a lot about experience and design during our client meetings and sales process. Drawing on the ability to deliver a system that delivers a full experience in sight, feel, sound, and user-friendliness is what many of our clients find refreshing. We want our projects to not only enhance their lives but to tell a story.

For example, we are expanding an idea that we lovingly call the “No Tech Room”. This may sound like industry suicide to many dealers as we are in the technology business after all, but we have found many of our clients are loving the idea. Our no tech rooms consist of an analog audio system, as well as a “tech drawer” with various charging ports, plugins, and etc. The idea is that all wireless devices go in the drawer while the people in the room engage with each other instead of their devices. Formal living rooms, libraries, and offices have all been fantastic areas for this approach. This idea is also opening up new opportunities to get back to the heart of good quality audio.

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