Mozaic Announces New Product Partnerships!

At Mozaic, we pride ourselves on offering our clients here in the Huntsville, Madison and North Alabama area the very best options available from the finest audio, video, home theater, smart home and integration manufacturers. However, we are never ones to rest on our laurels. Each year, we evaluate our product lines, meet with other vendors and research and test new products to ensure each product we carry meets our strict standards of



-Integration Synergy

-Aesthetics and Design

This year we are excited to announce the addition of 4 new product partnerships!

In the Speaker category, there are few companies that carry the brand recognition, status or proven track record of incredible sound that Bowers & Wilkins is known for. A truly world renowned audio company with some of the finest reviewed products available in both Home Theater and distributed audio applications.

Says CEO Michael Johnson, "I couldn't be more excited to add B&W to our speaker mix. It is the perfect compliment to the other lines we carry and their reputation for delivering phenomenal sound quality is unrivaled in the industry. They are the perfect fit for our clients looking to add the finest sound quality available for their home theater, listening room or even throughout the entire house". B&W has long been missing from this market and we are so thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with them for the Huntsville and Tennessee Valley area."

Next up is Arcam. High end Speakers deserve high end electronics! Arcam has built its reputation of building some of the finest sounding surround sound receivers, integrated amps and surround processors available on the market today. "Once we decided to bring on B&W, Arcam was the next natural fit. Their products are not only perfect for pairing with B&W but are also excellent choices for our other lines from Leon Speakers and Sonance" says Johnson.

The best smart homes, need the best most reliable WiFi networks possible. We are proud to announce Luxul as our partner for all of our wireless access points, mesh network systems and network controllers. "What truly sets Luxul apart from the rest, says Johnson, is their innovative Wireless network controllers which allow TRUE seamless connectivity in the home. No more dropping from one access point, only for your device to then look for the next closest mesh hub or wireless repeater. Luxul delivers true seamless coverage making sure your device always has the best connection possible."

Finally in what may be a surprise move, Mozaic has partnered with Vivint for security and basic smart home features. "This is one of the moves that we are really excited about" says Johnson. For years we have had customers ask if we provided true security options with monitoring etc and I have always directed them elsewhere." Vivint has a robust, and reliable product catalog, innovative controls and integration capability with smart home technology for a seamless experience."

"The issue in the past with companies like Vivint, continues Johnson, "was always in the execution and installation. The hardware is quite good but the quality of the install is what needs to be managed well for it to be successful."

With Mozaic's partnership with Vivint, our clients are guaranteed a high level installation technician, Pro Level dedicated support (instead of just the standard 1-800 number) as well as the confidence to know that one of our own award winning Mozaic AV technicians will be on site for the installation.

Look for more information soon!

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