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When Passion and Skill are Brought Together, the End Result is Often a Masterpiece

The name Mozaic was chosen for this company because we are often asked to tie multiple elements together to create one cohesive project.  The AV industry has changed dramatically over the past 10 years and is continually evolving.  To be an effective AV integrator, it is no longer enough to have expertise in audio/video equipment alone. Network solutions, lighting control, climate control, energy efficiency as well as personal electronics such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices are all intertwined with today's Audio Video systems.

At Mozaic, we understand that in order to provide seamless solutions and experiences for our clients, we have to expand our vision beyond AV components.  While our passion to deliver the finest products for image and sound quality will never change, our focus on how you interact with your system on a day to day basis is what drives us to deliver better solutions.  Our goal is to use technology to enhance your life by installing personalized systems that fit your needs. 

Who is Mozaic?
Designers - Musicians - Artists - Craftsmen 

Leadership Team

Michael Johnson |  CEO

Michael Johnson has vast experience in the field of audio video integration.   After graduating from Troy University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design, he spent a year in Miami with The Digital Arts AV installing high-end systems across South Florida and Central America.  Since that time, he moved back to his hometown in the Huntsville market and was the lead designer and sales manager for a leading AV and installation company from 2004-2014.

Michael was inspired by the changing landscape of av integration and decided to use his background in design to launch a company with a fresh take on technology integration with focus on simplicity and the user experience  - Mozaic, Inc.

Stephanie Johnson  |  CFO

Stephanie Johnson is the founding Chief Financial Officer for Mozaic Inc.  With 13 years of small business finance and human resource experience, she works behind the scenes to keep the infrastructure of our company running smoothly.  As a member of the executive board she brings her knowledge and expertise as well as a female perspective to our aesthetic and design choices. 


Stephanie’s hobbies include home renovation as well as restoring old houses for resale.  Look for collaborative projects in the future featuring her restoration skills with Mozaic’s clean technology upgrades. 

Craig McDade  |  Installation Manager


After studying Computer Science and Mathematics at UAH, Craig spent time writing software for a local engineering firm before taking a career in telecommunications.  Since that time, he has spent the last ten years working in AV integration and has experience installing and programming most major home control platforms. 

Craig holds programming certifications from Savant, Control4, Crestron, RTI, Lutron and Elan and has extensive knowledge of every phase of an integration project from design and engineering to prewire, trim out, installation and programming. 

What Makes Mozaic Unique?




We believe that to truly be great in this industry, you have to be passionate about it.  Technology continues to rapidly evolve.  If you are not excited about this field or energetic to continue to learn about upcoming changes and products, you will be left behind.  From your initial consultation until your installation is complete, you will notice a difference in how Mozaic works.  We truly love what we do!  




Great design is about focus and simplicity.  At Mozaic, we are driven to provide the best user experience possible.  We understand that your system should be more than just a selection of components.  It should be cohesive, reliable and provide a seamless and simple user experience.   It should never be complex or difficult to use.  

We take our design process very seriously.  During your initial consultation, we will guide you through specific questions about how you would like to interact with your system and what your expectations are.  These questions can range from how you listen to music, to your morning or afternoon routines.  This discovery process helps us provide you with a solution that will compliment your lifestyle.  Before the installation begins, we design detailed schematics for your wiring and connections. We use these schematics so that our technicians are more efficient and effective. This approach also drastically reduces mistakes by catching potential issues prior to installation.    Enjoy the peace of mind that the end result is a system specifically tailored to your needs and designed to work efficiently and consistently. 


Customer Service


Mozaic was built from the ground up to offer our clients a new level of customer service not only during the sale and installation but also after the install is complete. We offer many innovative approaches for installation, service and maintenance including the following:

  • PreConfiguration & Programming - Systems are often commissioned and pre-programmed at our office before being brought to the jobsite.  This cuts down on errors and maximizes our efficiency saving our customers time spent at their residence or place of business.

  • Client Care Plans - While many systems offer the ability to remotely log in for service, Mozaic takes this approach further with a fully integrated service platform allowing us to do much more than reboot the system from our offices.  By using our remote access products, Mozaic is able to offer a comprehensive service plan for every system and budget.  Contact us to learn more about this completely unique "a la carte" approach to system service and only pay for the features you want. 

  • Remote Management/ Support - Even if you decide a service plan is not for you, our platform still allows us to offer benefits such as discounted system services, diagnostics and remote support.  By using our unique products, we are able to offer trouble shooting, programming and network monitoring often times giving us the ability to diagnose and resolve an issue without the need to send out a service technician, saving you time and money! 

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