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Welcome Back CEDIA Expo!

After several years of CEDIA trade shows that focused on "evolutionary vs revolutionary" changes with many manufacturers releasing updated models of existing software or products, this year was a refreshing change! There were some true innovations on hand this year across the entire gamut of products from hardware to software. The theme of the show was definitely the shift in automation to the mainstream market. Companies are making more solutions at various price points that make what was a luxury item in the past more attainable than ever before. From the biggest names in the industry such as Savant, Crestron and Control4 to newer upstarts, many companies are shifting their model to be more inclusive and less restrictive than in years past putting more control and options at the end-users fingertips. We were completely blown away by the control company Savant's new user interface for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Since 2005, Savant has sold a smart home (or business) automation system designed around the Apple platform. This year, they have launched a new user interface that changes the landscape for the end user. The new user experience is easier to use, more practical in execution, and offers a level of user adjustment not seen in this market. Look for an exciting announcement soon from Mozaic regarding Savant! Not to be outdone, there were also some very impressive audio and video demos this year. Yamaha's Dolby Atmos demo turned me from a skeptic about the new surround technology to a believer. It truly added a new immersive quality to surround sound systems not attainable by 5.1, or 7.1 configurations. Origin Acoustics, which is a new line of architectural speakers designed by some of the best and most well known names in our industry, wowed visitors to its booth by showcasing its "more bass in less space" speaker design. They were able to use larger drivers in standard speaker sizes to deliver impressive bass and sound performance from the same size footprint of a traditional in-ceiling speaker. Sonance demonstrated some amazing new distributed amps designed to take whole house music systems out of the dark ages and add a feature that has, until now, existed mainly on the home theater side of audio - room correction. Sonance will be offering new, digital distributed audio amps designed to not only run cool and efficient, but also with abilities to adjust the sound in each room in a way not seen before in this market. There were countless other impressive demos and products that we will be highlighting this week in our news area including exciting announcements from Nest, and Philips Hue. We will also be adding a new page to our website dedicated to videos showcasing some of these products. Mozaic was thrilled to be in the middle of all of the excitement this year and we will be making some announcements this week about new and exclusive products and services that we will be offering this market.

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