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Flat Panel HDTV or Projection?

Over the last few years this question has become more and more common. If you are deciding on a media room, should you select a flat panel or projection system? The answer used to be much more simple 5+ years ago when reasonably priced flat panels topped out around 65". However, with newer models available in the 70"- 90" size range, this question has become more difficult to answer. The best advice is to think about the space where the display will be used. How many seating areas will you have? How will the room be utilized? Will it mostly be used for movies? Will it be used for watching sporting events or video gaming? Will it be a primary TV area? Would you like for it to be able to deliver excellent image quality with the overhead lights in the room on at full brightness? Where are the windows in the room? How far back will your first seating area be? Do you want the maximum screen size for your seating distance? The options and questions can be daunting. If a truly cinematic experience is your primary goal, we feel that projection is still the best option. Even at 90", a flat panel TV can not provide the immersive viewing experience of a 110" or larger screen. With improved light output on newer models as well as light rejecting screen technology, deciding on a projector also no longer means you can only enjoy it in a dark room. Projectors are currently a better value than the flat panel competition as they provide superior video processing and image quality at larger screen sizes than a comparably priced flat panel TV. However, if you intend to utilize the room as a primary TV area, or want the flexibility of not worrying about the amount of ambient light in the room, or you would prefer a cleaner installation without a projector mounted to the ceiling, a large flat panel TV may be best for you. With UHD Technology upon us and companies announcing larger and larger flat panels each year (Vizio recently announced a new 120" model for example) the answer to this question will continue to evolve. If you have questions about what direction may be right for you, give Mozaic a call and let us guide you through your options so that you can make the best decision for your needs and room. Regardless of which direction you choose, it is an exciting time in the Home Theater display market with numerous options available to deliver an excellent cinematic experience to your home.

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