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Take Your Media Room out of the Dark Ages!

Home Theater systems have evolved over the past decade. While dedicated Home Theater systems remain popular, many home owners want more versatility out of their "big screen experience". In the ten plus years that I have been designing and installing Home Cinema Systems here in the Huntsville area, I have seen a shift from the Dedicated Theater Rooms of yesterday, into the mixed use Media Rooms of today. Home owners fall in love with the viewing experience a Home Cinema provides and want to enjoy much more than the latest BluRay release on their favorite screen. Whether they want to watch the big game over the weekend with their friends and family, or the kids (or adults) want to enjoy a night of multiplayer gaming, it doesnt take long to realize watching a football game and passing around chips and drinks in a dark room is not ideal.

Another common issue for many home owners who may have been interested in a large format projection screen is finding an adequate area for installation without a lot of windows or overhead lighting. Once they realize they arent blessed with a "man cave", they abandon the idea alltogether and settle for a much smaller flat panel TV experience.

Luckily, new screen technology such as Screen Innovation's patented Black Diamond series has opened up new possibilities for Home Theater installations. As a system designer, I am no longer handcuffed when it comes to placement. Today, the argument of whether or not to go with a projection system is largely aesthetic rather than performance based because of lighting concerns.

Take a look at the video at the top of this entry for a real word demo of a projection system in a living room environment. While it is true that flat panel TVs have gotten larger and less expensive, the sight of a 115" image in a typical living room environment in this video is impressive. You can also visit for more info about Black Diamond as well as all of the other innovative screen technology this company delivers.

Add new life to your existing projector, or take your Media Room out of the dark ages with a Black Diamond projection screen from Mozaic!

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