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Mozaic Announces Partnership with Vantage Controls!

Mozaic Audio Video Integration takes great pride in the product lines we offer. We painstakingly review each and every product to make sure it not only offers great performance and reliability, but also delivers the design and versatility we expect. After reviewing the best lighting control options available, we are happy to announce our latest product partner - Vantage Controls.

Vantage has been a leader in lighting control systems for over 25 years with some of the most reliable and well designed products currently available on the market. They are also well respected in the industry with multiple product awards and their product line boasts compatibility with all of the finest control systems available.

The ability to control Vantage lighting from all of the top control systems was a big part of our decision to add its products to our core offerings. All to often, dealers support lighting systems that are part of a proprietary control system leaving customers "stuck" years down the road should they decide they would like to change how their system is controlled. We see this issue frequently as the home control market grows and expands with more and more options available. A Vantage lighting control system gives our customers the peace of mind that they not only have one of the finest lighting control products available, but that they also have the flexibility down the road to make changes and upgrades to their system without the need for a total makeover.

After 14 years of installing the finest audio video, home theater, automation and control systems across Huntsville, Madison and the entire Tennessee Valley area, one of the most common issues we see are products that are proprietary in nature. The Smart Home market is maturing every day with new capabilities from products like Alexa, Nest, Apple Home Kit, Google Home etc. We want to make sure our customers are not "left in the dark" with an out of date lighting system that lacks this flexibility. With that in mind - Welcome Vantage Controls!

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