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Mozaic Takes the Smart Home Outdoors

Over the last year and a half, there has been a substantial uptick in home remodeling projects as we all settle in to the new normal of the home being the central location for school, work and entertainment. Once the inside has been well-equipped with technology improvements there is a sense of needing space to breathe outside of those four walls. This is where outdoor relaxation and entertaining areas come in! Being outside has immense benefits for our mental as well as physical well-being and many are seeking ways to harness that sense of calm. At Mozaic AV Integration, we value improving the functionality of the home so it is a natural fit for us to move to the great outdoors and offer clients the same benefits in your very own backyard.

Adding outdoor lighting and entertainment to your patio, backyard or pool area increases the usable square footage of your home while affording a change of scenery. Outdoor audio sets a romantic mood, adds to the festivity of a celebration or enhances the reach of an outdoor TV while watching the big game. Outdoor lighting offers several benefits- aesthetics, safety and security to name a few. Soft dappled light throughout your property improves curb appeal while cultivating the safety of navigation through otherwise dark areas. Perimeter lighting gives a sense of depth to the back of your property inviting you outside at night. Properly placed lighting fixtures can have a dramatic effect in changing your landscape in the evening hours. Not to mention, it has been proven that homes with outdoor lighting have increased security against break-ins.

You don’t have to have an elaborate back yard or lavish entertaining areas to turn your back patio or yard into an additional living space at night. Contact us today to see what design options are available for you and start enjoying the great outdoors day and night.


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